A Way Forward


Lunacare Cymru was founded By Mike Thomas In Caerphilly Wales after moving from Cardiff South Wales, 

The Orginal aim was to deliver high-quality Photographic Media and Local Information

Via Google Maps and expand self Employment  via VR Opportunities 

Lunacare Cymru's Google Maps contributions play a vital role within the local community of Caerphilly.

In Mid 2019 We became the top contributor for Caerphilly Town.

With this success, the decision was made to Identify our services as Lunacare Cymru.












The Google contributions made through our high rated "Google Local Guide" Account boost's visibility of local services and businesses by up to 44% while also providing an unlimited marketing opportunity targeted at maps navigation users.


Lunacare Cymru Averages between 25,000 - 150,000 Views per business photo each year













Aside from SEO & Digital Media Editing, Lunacare Cymru also provides its own streetside media and Community Projects, Our Social Media Page provides the day to day updates and news shared via our volunteer members. Facebook is the main sharing platform of choice for Lunacare Cymru due to the evergrowing team being built up


Lunacare Cymrus is unique and provides a new way to view the world while helping build a community together 

Currently, we are self-funded through donations and local sponsors while promoting our 

VR services and photography. 

Lunacare Cymrus Photography, Virtual Reality Media and SEO services are exclusive,

Solely operated by the founder 

Mike Thomas who is establishing a community organisation dedicated to the support and restoration of caerphilly county expanding throughout wales



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